Drone cinema and aerial photography have never been more popular for commercial, film, web and documentary use. With any new technology comes many hurdles, both technically and legally. This is where Corban Productions LLC shines. We have done countless research, attended closed door drone and aerial meetings and have worked for and been granted our 333 Exemption status by the FAA. This gives us authority to operate in US Airspace for commercial use within the legal guidelines. We have filmed for productions based in San Diego, Los Angeles, New York and around the globe. This means legally filmed client content and no added stress on legality or permitting issues. The 333 exemption separates the 'men from the boys' so to speak.

Whether a client hires Corban Productions LLC to operate our drones, or another company, we always highly recommend only hiring drone pilots with the above exemption as it protects both client and drone operators.

We have flown in all types of conditions; snow, high heat, over water (both lake and open ocean). We have flown our drones from sea level up to 12,000ft elevation and know when to push the limits and when to hold back due to unforeseen issues.

Our crafts and camera use the most consistent wireless HD signals for instant viewing while operating. Our camera record 4K UHD video signal in RAW for the ultimate high end video file that can be pushed in post by a colorist without issue.

Contact Corban Productions LLC for drone and aerial UHD cinema and photography. High end video production in San Diego, Los Angeles and beyond.