At 16 years of age Nathan was life flighted back to the United States due to a near death accident on the wind blown sands of the Mexican coast. This experience significantly altered his young perspective on life. 

Today, he dreams to see a world where story is honest and personal, connecting now often distance human relationships together through adventure, humor and human struggle.

15 years ago, after a year of doctors visits and brain scans, a healed Nathan took every possible opportunity to travel the globe, with what was at first a small consumer camcorder and laptop. Over the years his editing techniques, eye for composition, concept of story crafting and willingness to put himself in sometimes precarious situations culminated in a series of action sports films and TV shows.

Today, as a writer and Director with over 15 years of experience, Nathan has yet to slow down. Best Original Score and a Best Film nomination at X-Dance, 2 Emmy wins for the TV show FiNS produced by Ira Opper, and multiple global edit and cinematography awards are just the tipping point. His content has been seen globally by over 150 Million people on Fox, Fuel TV, NetFlix, Hulu, and countless web and local TV outlets. 

Nathan also has a heart for people in need. He dedicated his limited time, equipment and team to work on gratis documentaries for NGO’s that work in rural mountainous regions of central and South America. 

His present and future endeavors have spread from action sports to a more broad story telling arena. His first feature writing and directing debut, Chicks Dig Gay Guys, released via Relativity Media last year to praise and criticism for its politically incorrect humor. Currently the Corban Productions team is finishing a full length documentary that covers a 4 person cycling team that rides in the Race Across America to raise awareness for Huntington's Disease where they face constant trials from weather, crashes and more.

2016 and 2017 are going to be very busy and formative years for Nathan and his team at Corban Productions - a video and film production company based in San Diego and Los Angeles.