We are Corban. A mobile production company that works globally using the highest end production equipment in the world. 

We firmly believe that family is everything… and family is more than blood. We are a production company with a closely knit production family. Corban’s founder Nathan believes that making films and art only has purpose when everyone involved is enjoying and growing from the process. From actors and casting to lighting and audio engineers, our family creates together.

Corban’s team has refined its process over the last 12 years, utilizing the most talented art directors, actors, film crew and more. We have worked on feature films, documentaries, Television, web commercials, corporate stories, and high end corporate branding and strategy campaigns. 

We have never been and never will be a production company where profits are the only reason we do what we do. We create because we want to make a better change in the world, and we work on what we feel compelled to work on. We are always looking to expand our family. Find us shooting one of our amazing video productions in San Diego, Los Angeles, or somewhere on this beautiful planet we get to call our home. Give us a call or shoot us an email.