Here's a little background on who we are and what we do.

Corban Productions LLC was the brain child of Nathan Apffel. In the beginning there was no organized plan for the long term direction of the company. Instead Nathan insisted on pointing his camera at things that had the potential to make people think larger than themselves, and often would film projects that had little benefit to the company itself outside of creating a unique powerful completed project. These video productions would heavily resonate with our viewers, but in the beginning Nathan did not know how to turn his life passion into a sustainable high end video production company. His ethos and work ethic slowly bleed through the company, his peers, and his viewers; and today, 13 years later Corban Productions LLC continues to create projects that inspire, sometimes frustrate and often encourage our viewers to think differently.

Nathan will not tell you, but he is a tech nerd. This benefits Corban Productions LLC and our clients because we only work with the most cutting edge equipment in the world. We are often two steps ahead of other production companies because Nathan's main focus for each production we take on is quality message and cutting edge visual and audio.

In today's media saturated market, truth is often not the priority, but instead the goal is to dazzle the viewer until they remember you. We do not agree with that approach, instead our mission is to meet our viewer on an emotional often heart felt plane. This is where we connect. We will make you laugh, we will make you cry, and in the end, we will have a lasting impression. We are a production company based in San Diego and Los Angeles with global work and travel experience. We connect with global viewership because we are just as intrigued by the stories we tell, as our viewers are. Join the family. We Are Corban.

Find us filming all over San Diego, Los Angeles and this beautiful planet we call our home, Earth.